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Past General Meetings

Archive of past General Meetings.

Looking Locally:  Is Portland the City That Works?
September 2012-Watch the meeting
Does Portland's unusual commission form of government:
Help city leaders address today's complex issues?
Encourage decisions that are equitable, sustainable, innovative, fact-based and cost-effective?
Make Portland's government more or less effective?
Make Portland’s government more or less responsive to residents?


Education and Workforce Development:Partnerships for Success
March 2014-Watch the meeting

Learn and discuss:  current workforce development programs in the Portland Public Schools; effectiveness and availability; employer partnerships; costs, today and tomorrow; the future: can programs replicate and innovate, teacher requirements

Agriculture: Growing and Managing Food Perspectives for Today and the Future

February 2014-Watch the meeting

The February general meeting discussed agriculture and technology, natural resources, government; current research; methods and practices; sustainable agriculture

Transportation:  From Here to There; How and Who Pays

November 2013-Watch the meeting

The November General Meeting addressed transportation. What do the intergovernmental arrangements for managing and funding our ground transportation system look like?  Who's the leader?  When and Why? Do these arrangements impede transportation problem solving?  What are the issues?  Ideas going forward?

The program was taped by MetroEast Community Media and is available here for online viewing.

Communications:  Freedoms, Limitations, Responsibilities
October 2013 - Watch the meeting
Panelists explored communications:  In history who ever controlled communications, controlled the world.  Where does government enter the picture? Is the responsibility of government to control access, content, or assure total freedom? What will the future world of communications look like?

The General Welfare: What Is It? Who’s Responsible?
September 2013 - Watch the meeting
A discussion framing the intergovernmental structure and challenges that affect the public policy issues we study and advocate for every day.  

Taxes: Yes, We Must; No, We Don't
April 2013 - Watch the meeting
Panelists focused on state and local taxation systems: how they began and evolved and the continuing challenge of crafting policies and revenue systems that can pay for our government.

The Future of Affordable Rental Housing in the Portland Market
March 2013 - Watch the meeting
Our panel of public policy and housing industry leaders discussed the dimensions of our rental housing problem for low and moderate income individuals and families. They also explored innovations and incentives that can potentially address problems going forward.

Oregon Learns: The Future of Education in Oregon
February 2013 - Watch the meeting
Governor Kitzhaber last year began a program to redesign education in Oregon: its structure, content and most of all its outcomes. Our panel of speakers discussed the details of the Governor's program, the research behind it, how a major employer views change in education, and a Portland educator's views on accomplishing its goals.

Riding the Next Wave: The Future of Oregon's Coast
November 2012 - Watch the meeting
Our expert panel discussed forging a balance between technology advances and the integrity of our natural resources while ensuring coastal communities thrive. Topics of particular interest included marine reserves, wave energy, ocean science and the coastal economy

Can Government Entities Work Together? Problem Solving in the 21st Century October 2012 - Watch the meeting
Panelists considered the expanding role of government in meeting the needs of citizens. How and why has the government role in people's lives grown? How do government entities work together? What is the future of government and problem solving in the 21st century?

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